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Message From The Founder

  • Dr. Asif Iqbal Ahmed Dr. Asif Iqbal Ahmed
    Decades ago, people didn’t talk about cancer. But as people began to talk about it, good things started to happen: More research was funded, new diagnostic tests and treatments were developed, more people got screened (often earlier), more patients got the emotional support they needed. Read More…

Our Patients Speak

  • Ms PU Ms PU India
    Really happy to meet the team of dr ahmad.he is the one who is able to understand the most painful illness in this world n which is rediculed by most of the people. Sir God bless u, u r healing the people in real sense.
  • Bhavish S. Bhavish S. India
    I know a mere thank you will not do for what Dr. Asif and Dr. Ananya did for my father. But still, my family and I owe a big thanks to all of you at PsyCare. You are the best at what you do. Keep healing people. There are many like my father who need doctors like you. Thank you.
  • Lt. Col. U.S.G Lt. Col. U.S.G India

    “PsyCare is an institute one can rely upon to deliver very good mental health care. The staff is extremely cordial and positive. The doctors, not just well qualified, are extremely experienced and very practical in their approach towards patients.

  • Dr. M.A. (Working for PSU) Dr. M.A. (Working for PSU) India

    It is because of you, that my family has been saved from being devastated. I convey my sincere gratitude & thanks to you & your team.

  • Dr S, A recovered Inpatient Dr S, A recovered Inpatient India

    “Dr Asif Iqbal Ahmed and Dr Ranveer Singh are very competent and good to interact with. They are very concerned for the well being of the patient and take required care. Overall management by the psychologists, doctors and nursing staff is very good. Other services including food are good.”

  • VC VC Patient of AddictionIndia

    “The facility is excellent! All staff including Doctors are accessible at all times and look after the needs not only of the patient but also of the immediate family. I would like to specially mention the attention and care given by Mr. Tyagi and Farooq.”

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The coronavirus outbreak is affecting people across India in different ways. All around the globe, a lot many people are now working from home. Working from home has altered sleep schedules of about 67 per cent of people in India. Poor sleep can have a negative impact on our mental health.

We imagine that “Work from Home” works for some and not for others. Do you like alarm free mornings and virtual meetings in pyjamas or are you craving social interaction at your workplace? While the current lockdown has given many the opportunity to work-from-home and try their hand at household works, it has however impacted the sleep patterns of many. Let us know how work from home is working for you by taking a simple quiz.

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Coronavirus Ms. Namrata Upadhyay

OCD and Corona: Myths And Facts

The COVID 19 pandemic has brought huge changes in our lifestyle and its impact has been overwhelming. Maintaining good hygiene and washing hands frequently has become our new normal and also an important tool against virus.

Anxiety Coronavirus Dr. Vikram S Panwar

Feeding the Dog

During the midst of COVID pandemic many individuals have had a significant increase in symptoms of anxiety. The pandemic naturally stimulates fear of the unknown and fear of the lack of control.

Coronavirus Team PsyCare

Coronavirus has given us time to introspect. USE IT WELL

The lockdown period due to COVID-19 outbreak has given us time. Time to slow down. Time to breathe in and take life in. Time to shut down.


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