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tips to help you overcome depression

7 Powerful Tips to help Overcome Depression

Depression is a serious mental health condition that is more than just being sad. It affects your physical & mental health to an extent one cannot imagine. It is marked by feelings of low self worth or guilt and a reduced ability to enjoy life.  There are many ways that depression can be treated by medication and therapy, but here are some of the powerful tips that you can follow to overcome depression on your own.

1. Exercise regularly & eat healthy food

You might have heard this like a million times that working out & eating right kind of food will help you overcome any kind of feeling that makes you sad. It is the most tried and tested method of dealing with depression as it boosts your self esteem and release happy chemicals which plays an important part in regulating your brain’s functioning & your mood. A fit body will help to negate any feeling that triggers depression.

Depression also affects your appetite. So if you’ve made up your mind to overcome the situation, start with eating the right food as the right kind of food can do wonders to boost your mood and elevate your spirits. The “good food mood” has been proven to help regulate a person’s mood & energy. So eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, walnuts, dark chocolate etc. to make your body not only fit but a healthy one because healthy mind means happy mind.

2. Create a list of small goals to achieve and check them off as you accomplish them

Don’t rush yourself to get up & do things just like everyone else. You can start off with creating a list of small goals to achieve like

  • Get out of bed
  • Have a shower and shave
  • Get dressed
  • Eat breakfast
  • Head to work

             Each time you achieve a goal, check them off your list so that you give  yourself the credit you deserve.  Giving yourself the credit when you deal with depression is important because your mind needs to understand that it’s okay to take things slow like one day at a time. Be proud of yourself for whatever you achieve.

4. Listen to good music or watch a movie that makes you happy

It’s always important for you to constantly look out for things that make your days a little more brighten than the usual. It can be a song, movie, series or a video, anything thatinstantly changes your mood from sad to happy.  Find something happy or funny to give your mind a break from all the negative thoughts that might depress you. You can also watch humorous accounts to social media if you are constantly on your phone.

3. Mediate to relax and refocus your thoughts

Meditation has been found to help in overcoming depression. A regular meditation practice can deliver substantial improvements in mental well being, happiness, life satisfaction & depression symptoms. It helps in improving the life quality and encourages you with positivity to achieve things in life.  Meditation also increases circulation of the brain and puts it in a place, which enhances the ability to learn, improves focus and concentration, inspires creativity & induces a state of deep relaxation.

5. Journal your thoughts every day before you go to bed

Journaling might help you reflect on your situation or feelings. This is important so that you can monitor your sensations throughout the day. Make a routine so journal or writing down every day before you goes to bed. Your journaling can help you feel more in touch with your thoughts, less alone, and more aware of the things that make you happy or unhappy.  It might also help you focus and shut off your mind from all the stressful tasks around you.

6. Get a good night’s sleep

Getting a good night sleep is must for your mood. People dealing with depression usually have disturbance in their sleeping pattern; either they sleep too much or they end up having no sleep at all.  Go to bed at a reasonable hour & try to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night including the weekends.

7. Avoid or limit alcohol or any substance use

It is normal for you to feel the urge to have a drink or smoke a cigarette when you feel a little low but you have to limit the amount you take or stop it completely. This is because, substance makes the things worse and before you know, you can be addicted to the substance you took for a quick relief.

The above mentioned tips are proven to help you overcome depression but it’s always beneficial to reach out to a professional or an expert when you deal with a mental illness like depression.

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