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Burnt out

7 signs that you might be “Burning Out” at Work

The World Health Organization (WHO) has now classified “Burnout” as a medical condition under its International Classification of Diseases (ICD). WHO defines ‘Burnout’ as “a syndrome conceptualized as a result of chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed”.  

It isn’t about just being very tired, but it is a serious medical condition that can affect your mental health and lead to depression, stroke, suicidal thoughts, and breakdown. The last stage of chronic stress that is ‘Burnout’ occurs, when all your energetic resources i.e. emotional, physical and mental have been used up.

3 dimensions characterize the Burnout syndrome

1.  Feeling of energy depletion or exhaustion

2.  Increased mental distance from one’s job or feelings of negativism or cynicism

3.  Reduced professional efficacy

According to Dr Shiraz, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, at PsyCare, “Burnout usually leads to depression, substance abuse, and eventually if the case is very severe, we see suicidal thoughts and even suicides as a result of being stressed or exhausted due to stress.”

7 Signs of Burnout

  • Severe exhaustion

Severe exhaustion is when you have no desire left to do anything that involves effort like getting up in the morning or doing the morning chores. Just thinking about the work that you are good at makes you sick.

  • Excessive workload

If you are burdened with excessive workload, there is high chance that you might have stress or anxiety. When your body suffers from anxiety & stress, it prevents your body to recover physically and mentally. This situation leads to insomnia, an unhealthy diet, no exercise, and unrelieved stress. All of this eats away your immune system and the end result is mental & emotional exhaustion.

  • Cynicism

When your mind or body starts to show signs of Burnout, you tend to lose the point to anything in life. Things like pride; service, ambition, challenge or even money seem meaningless. Belief, in the profession, achievement, anyone else seems pointless.

  • Emotionally draining work

If your work involves intense emotional demands, and there’s nothing to replace those resources or help cope with them, the constant stress can dry up adrenal glands, causing severe physical fatigue and lack of defense chemicals to manage stress.

  • Absence of positive emotions

Burnout makes your positive emotions vanish and fills the space up with negativity. A brain chronic life or deathwatch from chronic stress fixates on the perceived emergency. Your positivity turns into emptiness as well as negativity in no time. Even what you use to enjoy outside work feels pointless & meaningless.

  • Catastrophic thoughts

Burnout leads you to dire thinking, which strips away all the colors of your life and makes it seem simply black. You tend to lose the ability to outgrow your capabilities and feel like you’re nothing but a failure. The exhaustion of mental & physical stress feeds false beliefs and there are no coping resources left to fight them.

  • De-personalization

Burnout has a huge impact on your relationships not only professionally but personally as well. You tend to detach yourself from others due to the mental & physical exhaustion of burnout. This harms not only your work life but personal life as well, as you tend to lose your connections and you just don’t care about your colleagues, friends, family or anyone.

If you’re experiencing any of the above signs, its time to act fast and reach out to someone who can help you in healing. Get expert help with our experienced team at PsyCare, No.1 Mental Health Hospital in NCR.

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