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8 signs you need a counsellor

8 Unavoidable Signs you need to visit a marriage counselor

Marriage is a very sacred relationship that two individuals share, but when there are two different mindsets in a relationship, differences will arise. But working towards the betterment of the relationship should be the goal.  If you fail to focus on working towards making the relationship work, its one of the biggest signals that there is a need of help.

While a marriage starts with all the promises of happily ever after, it essentially is far more complicated that than. Before you decide to give up on your marriage & walk away from this deep relationship you share with your spouse, wait. There is a way you can save your relationship – Marriage Counseling.

Marriage Counseling is simply psychotherapy or couples therapy, which helps two individuals to work on their relationship and strengthen it to build up a happy life.

Here are 8 unavoidable signs that should tell you if you need to visit a Marriage Counselor:

       You can’t seem to talk to each other

Effective communication is the key to solving any problem in life. If you find yourself communicating less than you used to or drifting away from communicating with each other, there is certainly something not right with you and you need to seek help. Counseling sessions tend to make you communicate with each other in creative ways which helps you understand each other from each other’s point of view with less anger & resentment.

     Your sex life has gone down the drain

Intimacy in any relationship is important just as communication is. It is perfectly normal for a couple to go through a little dry spell but when this period becomes a chronic problem in the marriage, it needs attention to get fixed. A balanced intimacy or sex life is a must for a happy marriage and if that’s missing, you should take quick  action to fix this problem.

        You don’t tell each other anything

  Trust is a very essential thing in any relationship. It’s basically the foundation of a marriage and if you feel like you’re losing the trust in your spouse, it is a matter of concern. Once you start to lose trust in the other person, it becomes extremely difficult to gain it back. Even though it is okay to keep some things private but when you both start to stop telling each other things intentionally, then you should look out for a professional who will help you realize why & where to go from here.

         You have financial troubles

Financial dishonesty is bound to affect your marriage. If you do not find it important to inform your spouse about the expenses, savings, loans, and various other financial matters, it can damage your marriage to an extent that you cannot imagine. If your partner becomes too reluctant to share his/her side of the information related to the finances, then there is something missing from your marriage that needs professional’s help.

     You have started living separate lives

When you start to live like roommates & not as a couple, this is a sign where you need to seek expert’s help to mend your relationship. Sometimes, couples tend to lose their “spark” because of the grind of daily life and it’s just a matter of re-prioritizing. Healthy couples don’t need to do everything together but they should do at least some things together. They need to foster intimacy, communication and actually talk to each other.

   You are feeling that there is a form of abuse

When one of the partners is constantly using alcohol or drugs or smoking to run away from the problems of life or marriage, this could put the relationship or marriage in the radar of a lot of constraints. The other partner finds it very suffocating and is usually unhappy in the marriage. When this becomes worse, the couples tend to drift away from each other and there is a high chance of physical abuse too. So before this gets out of hand, it’s better to put an end to this by seeking counseling from an expert who will guide to put an end to this behavior.

    You doubt the loyalty of your partner

If one of you is either thinking about cheating, you need to get some professional help immediately. Thinking or fantasizing about another person is an indication that you want something else in your life. It is better to get an expert’s advise on how to deal with this issue before it grows into a full-blown affair.

  Different parenting style

Different Parenting styles can also cause friction in a marriage. As a couple, you already deal with a lot of stress & anxiety due to work & parenting sometimes just adds onto the pile. With different parenting techniques, conflicts are bound to happen. Before these conflicts rise to a level where you cannot deal with them, it’s always a smart decision to watch out for some parenting as well as marriage counseling. In this way, you will be able to be a better role model for your children.

The expert marriage counselors at PsyCare understand the fragility of the situation and keep that in mind to ensure that everything you share or talk about is kept extremely confidential. If you need any kind of counseling – pre-marital or post-marital, contact us for complete professional guidance.

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