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Anxiety and Some Related Facts

Anxiety has become synonymous with a human being. If we say that it has occupied a place in our daily lives, we wouldn’t be wrong. The stress, work-pressure, emotional imbalance can also cause anxiety.

What is anxiety? What are some facts? And how can these facts help? We will know all of this and much more in this post.

What is the meaning of anxiety?

Extreme feeling of nervousness which jeopardizes routine activities is known as anxiety. As it is with the many internal ailments, anxiety is also considered as untreatable. But it is not so. One can know about their anxiety and get it relieved which we will discuss later on.

Some facts about anxiety

  • Excessive and chronic anxiety leads to depression
  • Anxiety has many forms like generalized, social, panic attacks, phobias, etc.
  • Anything can trigger anxiety attacks like fear of getting on a plane, performing badly in an exam, when things don’t happen as desired, etc.
  • It just doesn’t happen to a common man. Several celebrities, politicians, etc., have admitted being marred by anxiety and depression.
  • Anxiety can also cause several deadly diseases. So it must be taken as seriously as a heart disease.
  • Women are more prone to anxiety than men
  • 1 in 13 people suffer from anxiety

These are a few facts with the help of which one can know whether or not they are suffering from the problem.

Anxiety is the disease of the mind and for curing it we have several depression anxiety treatment centers with specialized professionals. They can help in overcoming it so that one can continue to live their life normally. If you are feeling that you are suffering from it, kindly choose a reliable depression anxiety treatment center and get yourself treated.

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