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Anxiety can have life long impact on children if neglected

Anxiety can have life-long impact on children if neglected: Dr. Phil Kieran

It’s important to take swift action if your child is suffering from anxiety as it can have a life-long impact if neglected, writes Dr Phil Kieran.

CHILDHOOD anxiety is on the rise over the last few years with many people saying this generation is not as resilient as the last (this has, it turns out, been said by every generation about the one that follows).

While there is an increase in childhood anxiety there is also much more awareness and willingness to engage with this problem than ever before.

All parents walk a tightrope of trying to shield their children from as much of the scary stuff and difficulty as possible without leaving them completely unprepared for the fact that life is at times unfair and difficult.

Anxiety and depression are in some ways very similar and there is undoubtedly a genetic component to these mood problems. 

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