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Awareness & Acceptance can tackle Mental Health Problems

The main problems plaguing mental ill-health are a lack of awareness, stigma and a lack of infrastructure, said Neerja Birla, Founder, and Chairperson of MPower, an endeavour that is working in the area of mental health on Friday.

Neerja Birla in conversation with India Today said, “Most mental health issues are a result of loneliness. We need to start the process of listening and talking to the people in need of help.”

Every child is different

A mother to three children, Neerja Birla urged parents to understand that every child is different and has his or her own set of talents that may not always fit in with what society expects but those talents must be nurtured.

Talking about her children’s diverse interests – her daughter is a singer, her son is a cricketer and the youngest child is still in school – she stressed on the need to nurture their individual talents.

“We all tend to want to fit in, we all want our kids to be following the normal trajectory of doing well in academics but one has to realise that every child is different and as parents, we have to identify and nurture that talent,” said Neerja.

Neerja Birla was speaking at India Today Conclave 2019 in Mumbai.

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