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How to manage stress at work?

How to manage Stress at work

Everyone who has ever worked outside home or held a job, at some point, felt the pressure of work-related stress. Any job can be stressful even if you worship your job or the work you do for instance meeting deadlines or challenges in job work or anything. As the stress becomes excessive then it starts to interfere the productivity of work and performance and therefore affects physical, emotional well being and even interpersonal relationships.
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Alzheimer's how to take care

Alzheimer’s Disease care: Approach to handle it

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive form of dementia which is a condition caused by brain injuries or disease that affects the brain negatively. One can say that it is a continuous decline in thinking, behavioral and social skills that disrupts a person’s ability to function independently. Alzheimer’s is a complicated disease, which has no cure […]