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how to cope up with schizophrenia

How to cope up with Schizophrenia ?

Living with your worst nightmare can be terrifying for any of us but people who are dealing with schizophrenia are living with this nightmare every day. Talking or discussing about mental illness is still considered a taboo in our society even so talking to someone our negativity reduces a bit. On the other hand it also attracts a lot of unwanted attention, thus our society is still trying to fight against the stigma of mental health.

If we particularly talk about schizophrenia, it is an illness, which affects a person’s ability to think straight, balance emotions, and not being able to differentiate between reality & fantasy. It is characterized by hallucinations, delusions, disorganized speech and withdrawal from the outside world.

Following are the necessary things that you should know how to cope up with schizophrenia

Get involved in treatment & self-help: Getting the required treatment as soon as diagnosed with schizophrenia, gives a better probability to an individual to get the illness under control. Experienced mental health care professionals are always a better option to reach out to for help. Before getting the treatment, always remember to understand and accept your diagnosis in a positive way and do not stereotype as a split personality disorder. Remember nothing is impossible when you have the courage to accept whatever life has to offer and simultaneously work to achieve good health. Set your goals and work towards achieving them. Don’t tag yourself as “Abnormal”, “Insane” as these tags don’t hold good, Don’t give into the stigma of mental illness and isolate yourself because that could just worsen the situation you probably are in. Communicate with the professional and let them help you.

Get active: It is a proven fact that regular exercise can help to manage symptoms of mental health illness. Getting physically active can help you relieve stress, give you energy, help you sleep, improve your focus and calm you down. It’s not necessary to be a gym enthusiast but working out for 10-15 minutes a day can do wonders to your body and mind more than you can imagine.

Seek face to face support: Reaching out to someone for face to face communication can help you calm down your nerves and relieve stress. Keeping stress under control is very important. For confiding into someone, talk to someone who will not judge you or criticizes your views and is supportive of you. People who deal with schizophrenia have mentioned that constant support from the loved ones has helped them to a great extent to keep their symptoms or episodes under control.

Manage stress: Managing stress is very important, not just for keeping schizophrenia’s symptoms under control but also other emotional disorders. High levels of stress trigger the cortisol hormone in the body which eventually triggers the psychotic episodes. It’s essential to know how much stress your body and mind can handle. Don’t take on more than you can handle and take time for yourself if you feel overwhelmed. Understanding your emotions and accepting them can make a huge difference in your ability to manage stress, balance your moods and maintain control of your life.

Take care of yourself: Deciding to make simple lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on your mental health especially schizophrenia. If you’ve started your medication for schizophrenia, you would most likely need more sleep than normal 8 hours. Individuals who suffer from schizophrenia have a hard time sleeping, but regular physical activity, reduction of sugar from your diet and avoiding caffeine could make you sleep better. It’s normal for schizophrenic people to use the substance (alcohol and drugs) to try to self medicate themselves but the substance abuse complicates the mental health and sometimes worsens the effects. It is highly recommended to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Schizophrenia is a life long illness that needs constant supervised and professional attention to keep it under control. Recovery from any mental illness is not easy and you would need constant support and love from your loved ones to recover.

So if you or anyone close to you has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, seek help with our mental health care professionals at PsyCare and start with making simple changes for a better tomorrow.


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