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How to manage stress at work?

How to manage Stress at work

By- Ms. Megha Kalra

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”
– William James

Everyone who has ever worked outside home or held a job, at some point, felt the pressure of work-related stress. Any job can be stressful even if you worship your job or the work you do for instance meeting deadlines or challenges in job work or anything. As the stress becomes excessive then it starts to interfere the productivity of work and performance and therefore affects physical, emotional well being and even interpersonal relationships.

According to researchers, the percentage of individuals who are opening up about their stress at work is increasing day by day. 80% of the individuals have opened up about dealing with work stress; it can be job security.

Stress at work can work both ways; it might motivate you to do better & prove your higher authority that you’re worth being there or it can completely bring your morale level down and take away all the fun of working. You might feel really hard to concentrate & process complex thoughts. When it starts to work in the latter way, it creates a negative feedback loop when you’re under pressure to perform.

Here are a few tips & techniques to manage stress at work:

Start your day with Positivity

After scrambling to get things right such as waking up late, when everything we do ends up being late, dodging the traffic, combating the road rage, by now many people come in stress, and more reactive to stress at work. So to avoid that, start your day with waking up on time, having a healthy breakfast, proper planning & with a positive attitude. If you send out positivity, positive things are bound to happen.

Stay Organized

If the person is disorganized or unable to plan things out then the stress level might increase. So planning ahead with keeping everything in mind to stay organized can greatly decrease the stress level at work.  Being organized means reaching the workplace on time; avoid clutter in mind while organizing your work. So start systematizing and planning things out beforehand.  

Focus on what you’re Doing

Multi-tasking is a myth. Some individuals are really great at multi-tasking but to those who cannot handle the pressure of multi-tasking, please focus on what you’re doing at the moment or prioritize your work. It is not always necessary to show your supervisor/ senior that you’re better than the rest. What important is the fact that you’re good at what you’re being told to do. One new strategy that the people at work can try is “chunking”.

Relax after lunch

To avoid negative effects of stress, one can replenish him/ her by engaging themselves in other activities like going for a walk (10 minutes), breathing exercise and mindfulness. When possible, takes time off to relax and unwind, so that you come back to work reinvigorated and ready to carry out work effectively. Relaxing can help you blow off steam, lift your mood.

Make your mood lighten

Listening to music brings benefits like it lifts up your mood; open minds for creative ideas & relieves your stress. So, if you’re not allowed to listen to music while at work, make a habit of listening to it during lunch hours or while coming to the workplace or going back home.

Make smart, stress-relief food habits

Food choices and/or habits can have a huge impact on how you feel during the work day. Eating small, frequent and healthy meals at an interval can maintain the energy and focus and help to regulate your mood at work. One can have foods which have high level of blood sugar.

Delegate responsibility

One cannot do everything at workplace so it is advised that one should learn to delegate the work to others. Let go of the desires to control every step. This process would help you to let go of unnecessary stress.

Stress at Work can be very bad for your overall health and well being apart from impacting your professional life and career.

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