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Mother’s Day Health Talk – Event FAQ

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, PsyCare conducted a live Facebook and Twitter chat on Sunday, 14th May 2017 at 12 – 1 p.m. with experts on Depression and Anxiety in moms and moms-to-be. #PsyCareHealthTalk #MomURNotAlone

Event Page Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1359739387426018/

Doctor Details:

– Dr. Asif Iqbal Ahmed: MBBS, MD (Psychiatry)

– Dr. Bhavna Barmi: Clinical Psychologist & Child Therapist

Questions and Answers:

Below we have shared questions asked during the event and their respective answers given by PsyCare experts during live health talk.

Q. No. 1 – My sister is expecting. Earlier she had a miscarriage. This time she is very depressed. How can I help? #MomURNotAlone @psycare_india

Answer – Plese encourage her to see this as a desirous phase in her life to create a constructive lifestyle for herself which will enhance endorphins (feel good hormone)

Q. No. 2 – Doctor please tell me who gets postpartum depression and why? #MomURNotAlone @psycare.in

Answer – Postpartum depression is caused due to hormonal changes which occur but in mothers who have vulnerability.

Q. No. 3 – Hi Doctor, Thank you for creating this event. My question is: What are the symptoms of postpartum depression? #MomURNotAlone @PsyCare

Answer – Tearfulness, feeling of hopelessness, lethargy, insomnia, loss of appetite and in severe cases thoughts of harming oneself or unrealistic fears for the baby

Q. No. 4 – I’m a mom of 2. From some days I’m dealing with bad mood swings which affect my kids too. Any tip? #MomURNotAlone @PsyCare

Answer – Ma’am I understand your feelings. It’s a good idea to prioritize the chores and share responsibilities with other caretakers in the family. Also if the mood swings are persistent for more than 2 weeks, then taking a professional advice may be recommended.

Q. No. 5 – Is postpartum depression is a very curable disease, does it affect the baby?

Answer – Very much curable, though the risk of recurrence especially with next pregnancy is higher.

Q. No. 6 – If I take medication can I breastfeed? #MomURNotAlone @psycare_india

Answer – Though medications are secreted in breast milk in small quantities. Some medications if required can be taken. Pl check with your Doctor

Q. No. 7 – I feel scared and anxious??. Is this related to PPD? #MomURNotAlone @psycare_india

Answer – If you are having these symptoms within 3 months of your delivery, then it may be related to PPD – it’s best to enjoy the baby that has come into your life.

Q. No. 8 – Hi,want to consult how to manage in this summer how to stay cool what food or diet we prefer in order to stay health what to avoid…

Answer – Hydrotherapy is very important (intake of water). You can also visit us for more details: www.psycare.in

Q. No. 9 – I don’t feel like loving my newborn. Am I a horrible mother? Please tell me how to deal with it. #MomURNotAlone PsyCare

Answer – Please don’t feel guilty. Such thoughts are common but if they are frequent and overpowering you need to consult a mental health professional.

Q. No. 10 – Hi Doctor, want to that after becoming mom why I am confused in decisions making?

Answer – Becoming a mother is one of the most complex stages in our life n thus confusion is a part of this phase too. However, u can do a pro n con of every thought n reach to a decision.

Q. No. 11 – My sister is a mother of two and she feels less bonding with her elder baby but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him. Is this any kind of mental health issue? #MomURNotAlone @PsyCare

Answer – Usually the coming in of a new baby takes a part of the attention n affection of the elder one, so it’s normal, however, u need to consciously balance out your inputs w both the children so that neither feels neglected.

Q. No. 12 – What kind of treatment will help, I think my sister is facing depression? #MomURNotAlone PsyCare

Answer – A number of treatment modalities are available in the form of medications, psychotherapy and family therapy. A judicious mix under the supervision of a psychiatrist works best.

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