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On-again, Off-again relationship toxic to mental health

On-again, off-again relationship toxic for mental health

On-off relationships are associated with higher rates of abuse, poorer communication and lower levels of commitment, suggest researchers. The pattern of breaking up and getting back together can impact an individual’s mental health and not for the better, new research shows. The study published in the journal — Family Relations — suggests that people in […]
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Early Signs of Schizophrenia in Teenagers


Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder which is difficult to spot in teenagers. Sometimes it can be tricky to see the difference between teenagers’ moodiness and sign of more serious illness. Schizophrenia is characterized by profound disruption in thinking, affecting language, perception, the sense of self and behavior. It often includes psychotic experiences, such as […]
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Does your Child need a Therapist?

Does your child need a therapist?

We know that all kids have emotional ups and downs: period of mood swings, trouble with friends and families, fluctuating performance academically. And most of the children don’t really know how to express their emotions & feelings to anyone because they are not trained to talk about them. They face many obstacles in their lives […]