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5 Popular Apps which will help you to De-stress Yourself

In this day and age, everyone is stressed out. Be it a student, a business-man or a serviceman, all of them are complaining about it. But they don’t know that the answer to the stress is right in their hands and pockets. Yes, we are talking about their Smartphone. Install these free apps to de-stress and relax yourself anytime, anywhere.

  • Happify

New York Times have called Happify, the most sophisticated positive vibes app available out there. Highly user-friendly and with an interactive user interface, this app first understands your current happiness quotient by asking a few questions. It then sets happiness goals based on which it assigns you activities through which you can boost your happiness levels.

Available for: iOS and Android in free and premium versions.

  • Breathe2Relax

Breathe2Relax focuses on simple breathing exercise to de-stress a person. It follows the scientific approach of alleviating stress by breathing through the diaphragm.

Available for: Both iOS and Android.

  • Qi Gong Meditation

The Qi Gong Meditation app is inspired from a spiritual martial art and works on a Chinese method which includes breathing techniques, physical postures and focused intentions. This app lets you calm down and also teaches you new moves.

Available for: Only Android.

  • Headspace

Headspace proclaims itself to be a “gym membership for your mind”. It focuses on meditations and other activities to make you self-aware and happy. The app also helps in mapping out and tracking progress. You can also add a friend to join, motivate and compare results.

Available for: iOS and Android in free and premium versions.

  • Spire Stress Tracker

This app allows you to track triggers that might be stressful and sources and moods of anxiety. It is exclusively developed by psychologists on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy and helps in identifying the problem areas. This, hence, empowers you to fight stress.

Available for: Both iOS and Android.

While these apps only teach a few things to overcome stress and can help in case of emergencies, it is advised that one seeks professional help. Stress is the cause of many mental diseases and can even lead to anxiety or depression. So, when it gets out of control, you need to get in touch with specialized professionals at a depression treatment center near youThey can find out the cause that is stressing you out and nip the problem in the bud itself. So don’t delay and find yourself a Stress Management and Treatment Center right away

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