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Schools in India need counsellors as Mental Illness starts early in students

Schools in India need Counsellors as Mental Illness starts early in students.

Last year, Rishika (name changed), a 12-year-old student of a reputed school in the national capital, began feeling restless. She knew something was not right and looked around for help but found none. Her working parents barely had time for her and the teachers in school would only discuss the syllabus and its completion.

Six months later, she was diagnosed with acute depression. The doctors told her parents that in cases like Rishika’s, early detention becomes a key to prevent acute depression. Rishika was depressed but it was the negligence of her school and family that made her condition worse. Rishika is one of the 12 to 13 percent school students in India- as per Indian Council of Medical Research- who suffer from emotional, behavioural, and learning problems

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