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The 4S's of a healthy relationship

The Four S’s of a Healthy Relationship

By- Dr. Owais A. Farooqui

Relations are a part of healthy living and there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Relationships can be from acquaintances to romantic, which have the potential to enrich our lives and add enjoyment into our lives.  We can say that it is a tool to determine psychological human growth.

However, some relationships go through various ups & downs, which cause distress, harm to one’s mental health, and eventually lead up to breaking apart. You should be able to recognize where the problem is and when you should seek help.

To have better clarity about a healthy relationship, read the below mentioned 4S of a healthy relationship:

  • Safety:

“Safety” means safety with and from each other in the relationship. One of the essential qualities that an individual looks out for in a healthy relationship is to feel safe. Of course, we certainly need to feel safe physically but emotional safety is equally important too. The freedom to collaborate, dream, be creative, share ideas, feel increased compassion and express their emotions freely with one another comes when the individuals feel emotionally safe with their partners. You can be vulnerable and seek help from your partner is a form of feeling safe in a healthy relationship.

  • Secure:

“Security is on the whole deeply felt state”. Emotional security in a healthy relationship is important for establishing satisfying and fulfilling romantic relationships. Secure relationships make the individual at the comfort & a better partner in the future. The partners need to feel that the other one is going to stick with them through thick & thin of their relationships, and not quit. They communicate better, feel safe with each other, motivate each other, are honest about their feelings, and have boundaries set.

  • Seen:

For a healthy relationship, the individuals need to be seen by the other significant people around him/her. To be seen means that the other significant is at least making an effort to trying to understand you. This is needed because it is believed that being seen through the eyes of the loved ones helps in building one’s sense of self. If there is a particular argument or disagreement, the partners might have a little trouble in solving those issues, because of different perspectives. During disagreements, paraphrasing what you just heard them say helps to clarify if you heard correctly. If you didn’t understand correctly, the speaker can clear up any misunderstanding.

  • Soothed

It is believed that a healthy relationship soothes down the nervous system of individuals. Feeling safe & secure with your partner will calm your stress & you’ll feel happy. It is recommended and believed that making positive physical contact every day is an important way to soothe each other. Soft tones of voices also help in the soothing down of your stress or anxiety. The self-confidence and self- awareness become heightened and often translates to increased satisfaction overall and healthier relationships outside of the romantic realm.  Expressing affection in the relationship makes a person feel wanted.

If you still feel there is something missing in your relationship that you need to work on to with your partner then, you should opt for a couple & marriage counseling at PsyCare. Our experts have extreme knowledge and experience in this context, which can help you work on your relationship and sooth it down.

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