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Tips to handle loneliness of patients with mental illness on festive occasions

When most of us are in festive mood to celebrate upcoming New Year or making merry with friends and family, there are some people who cannot be a part of such celebrations. Those are such people who are facing mental health problems and living socially isolated.

Mental illnesses are found in people of different age groups and backgrounds, across the world. Almost one out of four adults is marred by such a problem. Such issues impact the physical health as well which leads to addiction to substances.

So when the world is busy having fun, people with mental illness are left out so much socially isolated that no one even pays heed. If you or anyone you know is troubled by mental health problems, here are some mental health care tips to handle loneliness of such mentally disturbed people especially on festive occasions:

  • Join a voluntary organization that aids mentally ill people

There are several voluntary and statutory groups that come to the rescue of mentally ill people. They have compassionate social workers and professionals who work for them and understand these kinds of problems. Ask them for help and one wouldn’t be disappointed.

  • Look around and take care

Friends and families are advised to look around and take good care of their near and dear ones who are suffering from any kind of mental disorder. They ought to take special care and ensure that the patient doesn’t resort to alcohol or drugs to combat loneliness. In emergency situations, long, deep breaths tend to be the best remedy. Take them away from noisy and busy places to restore calmness.

  • Put in efforts

The patient should try himself/herself to overcome the situation and gel with people. This will not only uplift the spirit but will also help in overcoming stress, anxiety or any other disorder.

Lastly, getting in touch with a good psychiatric hospital is highly recommended for a complete treatment. If you’re residing in a remote village or small town, it may be harder to find such hospitals but if you are living in any metro cities like Delhi then it is easier to find some of the top psychiatric hospitals in Delhi that offer very good mental health care serviceYou can easily consult there some of the best psychiatrists and psychologists in the world having multitudes of professional experience. They do not only understand the mental health problems easily but also provide infallible treatments and cure.

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