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Day Care & Respite Services

  • Patient with Chronic mental illness often remains idle at home with poor socialisation – the day care services help in improving their social and other skills by providing a structured routine with a chance at socialisation with others. It also provides respite for the family members.
  • It is also useful in some individuals to gather more data by direct observation by professionals so as to enable the doctors to reach a clear diagnosis.
  • Day care programme is usually for a minimum period of one month.
  • We are also evolving a programme for those who have behavioural issues to be addressed after a stroke or head injury for example need interventions like cognitive retraining and also specific exercise schedules which will teach them compensatory behaviours.
  • The DAYCARE programme for respite and Rehab services tries to enable the individual to lead an independent and disciplined life.
    • Daily Routine:
    • TIME: Day care programme starts every day at 9:30 am and ends at 3:30pm.
    • Lunch can be provided at the centre and weekly/ monthly non-refundable tickets can be purchased.
    • The time table (approx.) structure is provided below: (subject to change without notice)
Respite Services
  • Respite services to the other family members from the really demanding patients (Elderly, and Children. Eg. If the family wants to go somewhere locally but have no one to take care of the elderly with mental Health issues they can get them to attend our Day Care programmes
  • Monthly and long-term packages
  • Day Long Respite services
  • Week long Respite services

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