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Old Age Psychiatry

Geriatric psychiatry or Old Age psychiatry deals with patients aged above 65 years of age. In the elderly there are more chances of having two or more problems coexisting at the same time. Eg- A patient with Parkinson’s Disease while being treated may also have suspiciousness and aggression.

Our approach is more a team approach especially when dealing with Old Age concerns. Team consisting of Physician, Clinical Psychologists, Nursing, Psychiatrists and Occupational Therapist if possible.

Most commonly seen Old Age Psychiatric problems are:
  • Dementia – Alzheimer’s and other types
  • Memory Problems
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Behavioural Problems like Disinhibition, Aggression, Suspiciousness (Suspecting spouses infidelity)

We have a team of highly experienced and awarded Psychiatrists who have been diagnosing and successfully treating psychological disorders in elderly people for the past many decades. Our well qualified clinical psychologists do NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL and other assessments for Psychological, Neurological and Dementia problems.

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