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Psychological Services

Stresses of life seem to take their toll on the mental health of every individual. The psychiatrists and psychologists at PsyCare are qualified to handle from the seemingly simple issues to the most complex of psychological and psychiatric issues with competence, confidence and compassion.

  1. DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES (Assessments & Testing)
    • IQ Assessment
    • Testing for Autism
    • Personality Assessment
    • Dementia Assessment
    • Testing for Attention & Concentration
    • Testing for SLD
    • Testing for Memory
    • Testing for ADHD Child / Adult
    • Neuropsychological Assessment
    • Aptitude Testing / Career Counselling
    • Adult Comprehensive Assessment
    • Child Comprehensive Assessment
    • Academic and Comprehensive Assessment
  1. THERAPEUTIC SERVICES      (provided by Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists)
  1. Individual Therapy
    • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
    • Anger Managment Counselling
    • Behaivour Modfication Techniques (Parenting Skills)
    • Relationship Counselling
    • Marital Therapy
    • Sexual Orientation Therapy
    • Family Therapy
    • Motivational interviewing – especially for alcohol and substance abuse
    • Career counselling / Academic counselling
    • Memory and Concentration Techniques
  2. Group Therapies
    • Anger Management
    • Assertiveness Skills (Teenagers)
    • Assertiveness Skills (Adults)
    • Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour
    • Care Givers for patients with Schizophrenia – Family Support Sessions
    • Care Givers for patients with Bipolar Disorder – Family Support Sessions
    • Borderline Personality Clients
    • Behaviour Modification / Good Parenting Skills for parents of Adolescents (14-19yrs)

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