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Couple and Marriage Counseling

Marriage is perhaps the most important institution in an Individual’s life. Marriage like everything else has become an increasingly complex relationship. Pressures (both internal and external) have the potential to turn a marriage bad.

Premarital counseling, dealing with a difficult spouse or relationship, dealing in relations outside marriage

Life is a journey full of ups and downs. Sometimes we buck up and sometimes there’s too much stress to take as a result of which even the closest of relationships like marriage have to bear the heat. Differences start to build between partners, conflicts become regular and misunderstanding brings it all down. However, by considering marital therapy, one can not only figure out the reasons but sort them out as well.


What is relationship counseling or marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling is of two types – premarital counseling and post marital counseling. This is a goal-focused and solution-oriented process in which a couple identifies and discusses the problems by answering a few questions, making confessions, getting aware about the problems and finding a way to work things out with the help of an expert counselor.

The professionals have several tricks to re-build the communication problems between the estranged couple before things get out of hand. Besides helping in healing the hurtful memories of the past, the marriage counselors also provide support with stress management for separated individuals.

So, if you are in despair thinking that your relationship is about to hit rock bottom and is beyond help, if the communication between you two has deteriorated, if you feel depressed, insecure, untrusted and disregarded by your partner, if you feel that you just co-exist and lack intimacy, if you are just together for your children, if you know what’s wrong and want to repair your relationship but can’t, you need to consult a marriage counselor to bring back the spark and lost love in your relationship before things take a turn for worse.

Couples in metro cities are more prone to relationship problems. If you are one of those couples and are looking for a relationship therapy, Consult PsyCare. Operating with a team of experienced relationship counselors in Delhi and offering services PAN India, our team of relationship specialists can help you overcome the difficulties in your relationships and find your way back to each other. They identify the reasons that are hampering the relationship and behind the blame game to build an infallible problem solving mechanism so that couples understand and be patient with each other better.

How PsyCare Marriage Counselors Help?

PsyCare’s marriage counselors understand the fragility of the situation and keep the matter confidential. They try to lighten up the situation as much as possible and also include personality matching tests and compatibility test for couples, as and when they deem fit. Our approach is organized and we take you through the process of solving your concern, step-by-step.

  • Firstly, we help you understand the goals of the counseling.
  • Secondly, we set some borders so that both of you feel safe to express and present your opinions and hear and understand each other’s. By doing this, you will be able to understand the root cause of the problems and who needs to improve where.
  • Thirdly, we teach you healthy ways to communicate with each other during the counseling session and once you go back home so that the relationship becomes joyful and harmonious and best result is gained out of the therapy.

Within few sessions conducted by PsyCare’s experts, you will see improvement in your methods of communicating and become capable of resolving issues on your own.

Our several clients have come back with positive feedback on our services. They have seen their partner become supportive, loving and caring just like in their younger days, give them more time, be more intimate, share responsibilities of children and household, change their behavior, hear them, accept their mistakes, make them feel loved, and many more. It only makes us happy and fills our heart with joy to see our services have helped so many couples get back positivity, peace and harmony in their bond.

Whatever be your issues, PsyCare’s experts can help you work out your marriage and get that fire back. We also offer Skype counseling but we highly recommend one-on-one session.

How to contact our counselors?

If you need the support of PsyCare’s expert panel of marriage counselors to save your marriage and help you resume your happy marital journey with your spouse, kindly call 9871123430 or drop a mail at info@psycare.in to book an appointment.