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Residential Care/Inpatient Facility

Just as people may require admission to a hospital for assessment and treatment of their physical health problems, some people may require admission to a mental health (Psychiatric) inpatient facility for assessment and treatment of their mental health problems.

The requirement for admission depends on a person’s needs, severity of symptoms, and their level of distress and risk of harm to either themselves or others. For majority of people the admission is planned between themselves, their mental healthcare specialist and family members. For others it is the result of a  person being in a crisis requiring immediate treatment to assess and manage risk and alleviate distress. It may be the first experience of the person of mental illness, a repeat episode or worsening of a continuing illness. Admission under these circumstances may be voluntary or involuntary. The involuntary admissions may need rescue services.

PsyCare is a State Mental Health Authority (SMHA) Licensed facility run by Psychiatrists and Psychologists to provide medical care to such patients who need intensive help and support to manage their mental illness.

The aim is to help people to return to their own environment and to successfully manage their recovery. The treatment is tailored to meet individual needs and may include:

  • Support to address physical health problems
  • Help to manage activities of daily living eg personal hygiene, cooking, budget etc
  • Therapies/ Counseling to manage psychological symptoms and emotional distress
  • Medication
  • Education about the illness
  • Support for families and carers
  • Discharge planning and continuing care in community

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