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Workshops Seminars

Our Health & Fitness Consultants Offer Following-


– An “SRS” will be designed to your organizations needs.


– The results of above shall be audited with the concerned department heads. Thus a final module shall be arrived at.

Health & fitness Assessment Areas:

Corporate Ergonomics
Physical Fitness
Food & Nutrition
Mental Fitness
Emotional Fitness
Spiritual fitness


Life Style Modification

Team of doctors and therapists will conduct screening of health and life style through health checkup camps.
Comprehensive Health Scan

A. Health and Life style assessment.
B. Health and Life style explanation
C. Health and Life style prescription.

What we plan to do:

Based upon the assessments and auditing we wish to implement the same and create an “Annual Calendar” for your organization, which will be tailor made to the needs of the organization.

We take pride in our esteemed team members who conduct workshops, seminars and lectures for RWA’s, Schools, Colleges, PSU,Corporate Houses on Mental Health and Community Health related topics ranging from stress management to ………. Various addictions.

Our goal is to empower individuals so as to stay away from life styles that can lead to mental health issues there by promoting good health in the society.